Problems loading .max models


I'm a begginer to jme, and games in general, but i foolishly took a course in university that involves making a game.

I'm being inspired by the flagsrush tuturial to make a game like the amiga sidescroller game "Uridium", and i choose some models

from the Ur-Quan mastes ships i found on the net to the ships (in homage).

But i've been trying to use Adenthar's Converter to convert the .max files to the format usable by jme, but an exception is thrown.

Here is an example of an offending file:

If you know whats the problem i'd apreciate it, but i the problem can't be solved maybe you know some alternative low-poly spaceeships i can use?

I'm certain i' going to need your help aftwards.

The .MAX format is only readable from within 3d Studio MAX. You will have to load the model into MAX and from there export it into a format supported by jME. If the model isn't animated, .3DS or .OBJ should work. If you do not have a copy of 3d Studio MAX, I'm afraid that you will have a hard time converting the model. There are, as far as I know, no free conversion utitities for the .MAX-format. Autodesk/Discreet have chosen not to make the fileformat public.

I think his confusion has to do with jme's "badly" named 3ds loader.