Problems related to the new way of logging

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Vasquez21 said:

I have update today a jme folder, and I have a error in in line 68 which look like this:


There is info that the method getLogger() is undefined for LoggingSystem :/
Whats wrong?

The logging system changed a bit. To set the global logging level, you'll have to do it the "standard way", by creating a logging configuration file, and setting it up in your java startup call:

java -jar MyCoolJMEApp.jar

For further info, you can try, but for setting global logging properties you might be better off with, section "User controlled Logging", or anything else you can find on the net.

though, you can set the root logging level with "Logger.getLogger("").setLevel()"…etc etc

That's more convenient, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks!

FAQ, probably? Feel free to add it :slight_smile:

you should put this on the front page.