Problems running demo programs


I have some problems to see correctly the demos from de web page.

When the demo is running, y can see the initial configuration page, but when I press ok, the window with the 3D object appears, and before I can see drawed some objet, the aplication its closed  :frowning:

I have an 'IntelĀ® 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller' graphic chip in my motherboard. Is not an Ati chip or Nvidia chip.

Yes, your graphics controller is a possible cause. Try updating your drivers to the latest version to see if that helps.

I tryed to update my chipset, but there is not actualization avaiable since 2003  :frowning:

I have one laptop (Toshiba Satellite A10-203).

Trying to find some other explication, I was executing the examples from this page

All org.lw.jgl y all OpenGL examples (except VBOIndexText and VBOTest) are running.

Its explain something?

Can I do somethig to repair that fault and get OpenGL running properly?

I think this is the reason for the bad running of the jMonkeyEngine demos.

I wanna cryā€¦  :cry:

Thanks for the help!

You can enable logging in javaws.  Open javaws via start->run  "javaws" and check the options.

Try the drivers from the intel site itself:

This is a pretty old chipset though.

Hei!! Now it runs!!  :lol:

I have installed this new drivers from the Intel page, with some new 3D aceleration features and now is running!

I was serching in the toshiba web page, but there is not the updated driversā€¦

Thanks for all!  :slight_smile: