Problems running oculus tests

I’m using phr00ts latest JME build libs and trying to run the tests in jme-oculus-rift.

Those who start have a weird flicker to them - the warning screen does not disappear on key press, and appears to flicker on and off when viewed outside the HMD. Inside the HMD, there’s a high frequency flicker to the scene almost like you’re watching an old tube television. Also the stereoscopic effect is distorted, e.g. I can make out the outline of the duplicated view.

Other tests do not run at all, throwing a NullPointer:

Exception thrown in Thread[LWJGL Renderer Thread,5,main]
at oculusvr.util.OculusRiftUtil.configureRendering(
at oculusvr.input.OculusRift.initRendering(
at oculusvr.state.OVRAppState.initialize(

Looks like the Hmd object passed through OculusRiftUtil is null.

How did this end up in import-assets. Can some kind mod move it to virtual-reality? Doesn’t look like I can delete it …

Are you still having this problem? I think I had a flicker fix put in awhile back. Is the crash still happening now? What SDK version are you using?