Problems setting a PointLight and given a texture to a TriMesh

Hi everyone.

It’s my 4 day studing jME, and now I found a problem that i cannot resolve.

When I create a PointLight and adds it to my node the scene graph becomes strange.(The Light is orange)

I have two screenshot’s below to show you what is the problem.

I belive is some problem with the normals.

Because is my first time using a grapic engine, I really don’t know what normals are, and will thanks mutch if someone can give-me a good explication about it (or give a link to some site that have a good explication).

Another problem is in the upper-side, my TriMesh don’t accept textures, like the TriMeshes of the walls.

Below is the source code, if it will help.

public class Teste4 extends SimpleGame {

private Node n;

public static void main(String[] args) {

Teste4 app = new Teste4();





protected void simpleInitGame() {

n = new Node(“Meu Node”);









private void fazChao(){

float[] mapa = new float[] {






TerrainBlock tb = new TerrainBlock("Ch

Looks like a triangle winding issue: