Problems to download

well, the problem i am facing is pretty simple. I was recommended to work with Jmonkey by my tacher at college, and he passed me the sit, however, it seems that the links at the download page are damaged/non-active, because when i click at JME 2.0 or JME 1.0 nothing happens. Could someone pass me a link as for where to download Jmonkey 2.0? And if its not too troublesome, a tutorial to learn how to use?

Thanks very much in advance, hope to get a reply soon.

A new stable release should be arriving tomorrow.

You should find most of what you need on the wiki. For the rest just ask, and if you feel like the answers you receive could be put into a wiki page it would be most appreciated if you could make a contribution. As far as specific tutorials go, the Flag Rush tutorials seem to have helped a lot of people in their first steps.

sorry but even with those links i am having a hard time on getting JME, could you give me a more direct link to where i could download it?

If there is still the problem have a look here:

Certainly. You want to check out the googlecode download page and download the ‘jME2_0_2/’. (edit: well, yes, same link as ttrocha’s)

Heck, while we’re at it, here’s a direct link :wink: Be aware that patched versions might pop up on that download page I linked you to though, so it’s better to always check in there rather than relying on the direct link. Also, I believe we’ll soon be releasing an optimized package as there was some redundancy to teal with - it’s not actually supposed to be a whopping 85.2 mb.

ok, dowloaded it here suscessfully, but now how do i install it on my comp? it just creates a folder with some stuff on it when i unzip the downloaded program.

It is an eclipse project…so you can say Import…->General->Existing Project… and then browse to it

Nevertheless SVN is online again…

so i need jme 1.0 installed?

No you need jME2

Why do you ask about jME1?

because both the previous link and this one you passed have a folder with lib and so on, but not an isntaller for jme 2.0, and so far i got no jme on my computer, what i need is a installer of JME(because for some reason the lin on the site isnt working) and some isntructions as for how to use that link you sent me with jme 2.0

i always like to point to the video tutorials, as i think its the easiest way for beginners to get going.