Problems with 2D texture drawing

I am trying to learn JME3 and naturally a problem came out. I want to know how to draw the textures on Quad just like that we draw images on the screen by 2D engines. We usually use the method draw(Texture image, int screenX, int screenY) to draw an image on the screen when we were developing 2D games. How to take a similar action with JME3 ?

In my programs, I may have several images which need to be drawed on one quad at each frame. And that how many images there are is determined dynamically (only 1 in most of the time).

I have to use a 3D engine because the scene is created with 3D modeling tools however the actors, magics, and effects are created by 2D textures.

Now my solution is to attach a new Quad and dettach the old one every frame when updating, but I know this is waste of resources.

Anyone could show me some suggestions or maybe should I change another engine?

Perhaps what you want is to create a custom Material which mixes many textures based on material parameters which you define. You would then apply your custom Material to the quad. Once that is done, you could change textures (images) by merely setting parameters.