Problems with attachng object

I am having a problem putting an object into the scene in the corect location.

Let’s say I have a cube, my camera hits the front z side, I would like to attach an object to the front z side, to keep it simple, lets say another cube. Currently I am having issues getting the location as to where the new object should be placed.

Does anyone have any tutorials, or can anyone point me in the right direction?


i may have got the syntax wrong but I think you would do something like this, which should (i think) move cube1 infront of the Z axis of cube, if they are the same size:


new Vector3f(0,0, ((BoundingBox)cube.getWorldBound()).getZextent*2),null);[/java]


But my questions is more, how do I know I have hit the Z side vs the x and y? And if the original cube has been rotated how does that all play in?

I think you can use a ray and find the point which the ray intersects the cube and then relate that to the origin of the cube and you can work out what side was hit.

I also suggest looking at the script-blocks source code, it’s written in jme: Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.

Script Blocks Alpha 11 Copy and Paste - YouTube