Problems with bounding Box in Vehicle Creator

Hi everybody out there,

I´ve got a problem with a mesh i importet from a .blend file. If I let the checkbox for Axis correction at import checked, the car im importing looks fine up to now. But if I try to get it some vehicle properties with the jMonkeyplatform Vehicle creator, the bounding box for the car is not aligned with the model anymore.After I pushed the “create hull shape from selected” while i have the body node selected, all works fine up to now. If I now click the “start testing” button, the model flews arround, and can’t be controled.

Image showing the model with the wrong Bounding Box

So my Question is: Is there a posibilitie to recalculate the bounding box??

Thanks for helping


So I guess you were using the blender importer right? The y-up isn’t quite working yet… Did you update to the latest stable update? @Kaelthas made some fixes.

I´ve downloaded the update right now, and im using the blender importer from blender 2.60

well althou, even if i rotate the car in blender, and then import it, the bounding box is not right, but now i will check out the new version


I#ve teste it out now, the bounding box works fine, but the car is imediatly jumping arround, and don’t comes down to the floor

Okay, thats fine-tuning, the vehicle can be complicated. Also make sure your chassis collision shape doesn’t touch the ground etc.

well i’ve tried 3 vehicle, all don’t work, and I positioned them 1 unit about the test court. Tomorrow i try to do it with code, if we don’t find a solution


As said, its fine-tuning, not just trying a new vehicle. Also make sure your vehicle is at 0,0,0 when you create the collision shape, else the center of mass is off.