Problems with CollisionShape of Terrain

Hey there,

still got problems with the CollisionShape of my golf course terrain.

the golf ball collides on some points of the terrain and on some points not.

It seems that the collision shape is not solid?

Does anybody know something about that behaviour, especially someone of the physics developers?

I tried so much (different CollisionShapes etc.)

I made a short video clip of this problem, so you could better understand whats the thing about it.

Let’s have a look at this:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

See the class TestCcd

“continuous collision detection” prevents situations like yours where the timestep is high

thx @Momoko_Fan.


Works for me very well but if I am very close to the terrain and shoot directly to it, sometimes

it happens that the ball is not colliding.

Could it improve the behaviour if I set a smaller value for method parameter in “setCcdMotionThreshold” ?

The ccd motion threshold should be slightly smaller than the radius of the ball.