Problems with collisionshapes for scenemodel

I created a Scene with the following tutorial: Scene Workflow: Blender to Jme3 jMP via Ogre by ste3e.

my problem is now that I don´t know how to create a collisionshape for this scene. Can someone how works the same way tell me how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

Use the button “create mesh shape” in the SceneComposer.

and then what do I have to do in the Code?


Nothing? How is that working? When I created a new Model do I have to do the same thing like with the scene, and then it works?

No, collision shape generation for Models doesnt exist yet, also normal meshes dont work for movable nodes, so you wanna generate an approximation collision shape with multiple basic shapes or use the GImpact mesh shape with a low-poly version of the mesh. Read more in the wiki/javadoc.

I tried out another way which is mentioned in the HelloCollision Tutorial. I created a CompoundCollisionShape with:

[java]CompoundCollisionShape sceneShape =


PhysicsNode szene = new PhysicsNode(placeholder, sceneShape, 0);[/java]

When I do it and attach it to the rootNode and to the PhysicsSpace, when I do it the Scene that appears without the command CompoundCollisionShape sceneShape = CollisionShapeFactory.createBoxCompoundShape(placeholder); doesn´t appear anymore

Can someone explain me why?

Because the “placeholder” is attached to the physicsnode when you supply it via the constuctor so it moves with it. Now you have to attach the physicsnode to where you attached the placeholder before, probably the rootnode.

Edit: Lol, you should read the error output, probably you get an exception because the placeholder is attached to a node while you create the physics shape.