Problems with CVS and Eclipse

I've tried to check out JME with Eclipse/cvs via the new->checkoutproject from CVS->use existing repository wizard in Eclipse wich works fine. Problem is, the project is not being build. There's no "class" folder

and the "properties " tab are very limited compared to a "normal" project. The "Java build path" "Java compiler path " "java code style " tabs are missing. I can't set the "default output directory " as well.

What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks, Baune

You have to make it a "Java Project" not just a "Project". Choose "Checkout as Java Project" in the Wizard.

OK did that. But it  don't compile now.

All .java files are misplaced according to eclipse.

Example, "the declared package com.jme.animation does not match

The dir structure is :










Im afraid that if I move the source code  the CVS information will be lost (I've made that mistake before)

Use Eclipse to set the correct source dir (in the properties of the project)

I think I did that. In the properties->JavaBuild Path->Source (tab)—> Add Folder

I added jme/src

Still the same…


OOPS ! Worked. Eclipse just didnt remove the red curly lines for some reason. Suddenly they disappeared. Thanks All !