Problems with FlagRush Tutorial (Errors in Eclipse)

Hi guys,

I am working my way through the FlagRush Tutorials and I am having one or two problems.

I copied the source code from the tutorial and pasted it into Eclipse. The problem is that it has errors in it!

I get this error in the console window:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:

at Lesson2.main(

   protected void initSystem() {
      //store the properties information
      width = settings.getWidth();
      height = settings.getHeight();
      depth = settings.getDepth();
      freq = settings.getFreq();
      fullscreen = settings.getFullscreen();

getFreq() and getFullscreen() have the red zigzag scrawled underneath them and the code lines have the red cross in them. When I hover over the errors I have the following quick fixes available:

The method getFreq() is undefined for the type GameSettings
3 quick fixes available:
- Change to 'getFrequency(..)'
- Create method 'getFreq()' in type 'GameSettings'
- Add cast to 'settings'

Why is there errors appearing in the code? And what should I do to get rid of them?

Many thanks


Hi Neilos,

it seems you used an flagrush-tutorial that is not up to date anymore. (It think this version was for jme1)

Have a look at the trunk will help you to get the current version

( )

If you would use jME with checking out the whole sources you would have a jmetest-directory with thousands of tests you can just start!

Have  a look for that here:

Video tut:

Ahh that explains it. I have tried the up-to-date code and it works perfectly.

Thanks very much.