Problems with getting started

I just downloaded the jME3 beta and started with the tutorials.

In the first tutorial is an special import (import com.jme3.scene.shape.Box;) that doesn’t work so far. It says “Unused import” and the tasks " Box( new Vector3f(1,-1,1), 1,1,1);" and “Geometry blue = new Geometry(“Box”, box1);” dont’t work because of that.

I have the newest version of jME3 beta, so why there appears an error with this import?

So you used a BasicGame project in the SDK? Press Ctrl-Shift-i to automatically add the needed imports. If that doesn’t work, post your code. Also maybe make sure your java skills are up to par, imports etc. should be basic issues really.

My java skills should be enough for an import, that won’t be the problem so far :wink: I just thought, that, if one import doesn’t work it could be, that there are more that don’t work in the future, so i wanted to be sure that this isn’t a common known error.

Back to the problem. Yes, I used a BasicGame project. I only copied the code of the first tutorial.

The imported file exists, but it my code doesn't understand that^^

please read box1 and box 2 do not exist. What is Box() even doing?

you need

[java] Box box1 = new Box(…); [/java]

Yeah, the Box(…) lines are simply no java code unless there was a “Box” method, which would not have an uppercase name… I can see that for some reason the tutorial code isn’t correct in the SDK manual while the version in the wiki is correct, I guess this error has been fixed lately so the update will be reflected in the manual of the next stable release.

Ah okay, i see what was the error x) Next time I should even think before copy… thanks so far.