Problems with heap size

I was starting my server and three clients. My problem is heap size it’s jumping in server for no reason or maybe it is but i can’t figure it out. Live results showing com.jme3.scene.Geometry[] (Live bytes = 132MB) but was not starting new clients.

from begining until ~3:45PM it was~11MB,
from ~3:45PM until ~4:30PM it was gone,
from ~4:30PM until~ 5:15PM it was 33MB,
from ~5:15PM unti ~6:15PM it was gone,
from ~6:15 until end it appeared as 134MB,

maybe someone can give me some direction how to solve this problem .

here in video I can show my geometry stats, in server I’m loading only map, and robot is only sphere for collusion. For player on server I’m not loading any geometry. This video is on client side so.
[video]Show stats "Mech" - YouTube

private void addPhisicsForPlayers() {
for (Player pl : allRoomPlayers) {


…that’s on the server?

You should trace back to see who allocated it, I guess.

you mean this one ?

So, I can barely read that… but if that’s on the server then for some reason you are creating debug geometry for your physics objects.

Seems like you have a lot to work out and it’s actually strange to have Geometry on the server anyway, really.

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sorry, changed image.
But I need detect somehow collusion with ground walls. yes you right my debug mode was on while i was using display mode. thanks, if it’s will solve problem i will write here :wink:

now everything going very good, thanks