Problems with

Hi everybody  :smiley:

I’ve been trying jME for the last week and i’m finding it awesome, so i began with the tutorials (nice ones too).

Yesterday I was taking a look at HelloIntersection and it worked great, but today i saw this post and rushed to update from the cvs.

After updating to 1.0rc1 the sound system in HelloIntersection acts weird. If the camera is still sound is played at normal pitch, but if i moove the camera sound pitchs up. This happens too with the new TestJmexAudio, where background music sounds fine, but both effects pitches up or down if the camera mooves.

i’ve tried this with opengl output set to alsa, oss, sdl, arts and native with exactly the same results.

I’m using debian sid linux(2.6.21) java 1.6.0_02-b05

Believe it or not, that's actually a feature…  it's called doppler effect and it is happening because the "ear" is traveling along with the camera at very high speed.  I'll add a way to tone down or disable this feature as I agree that it can be annoying. :slight_smile:

nice! same effect as when a running car horns near you, but it's very exagerated in the demo 

yeah, that has to do with scale in the demo vs. what openal thinks it is.  Look for some control over that soon.