Problems with loading of animated Blender models

Hello guys,

i’m new with jmonkey and unfortunatelly I have problems to load animated Blender models. The test source code in the trunk of the Blender animation doesn’t work / play the animation correct. Can someone of the pros run the TestBlenderAnim test?

If I get this to run, my next goal would be to blend two different animations. How can I do this with jmonkey and Blender? Are there some source code examples?

Thanks in advance!

a) Did you install the latest stable updates? (Help->Check for updates) b) the blender importer isn’t completely done yet.

Yes i did. I also got the newest files from the trunk and it doesn’t work too.


Revision: 8306

Is there a simple way to use Blender models with their animations?

Yeah, using ogre like every tutorial says.

Oh yeah I know this tutorials but had problems to get it to work. Thats why I though maybe there is a more simple way. I tried now to export a simple model from Blender 2.61 with blender2orge ( and later to import it using the TestOgreAnim source code. It worked! But for complex models it doesn’t work properly. Anyway thanks!

Make sure you apply the scales and rotations of your objects before animating them.