Problems with models, loaded by ColladaImporter

i'm using:

  • head revision from CVS
  • model exported from Maya
  • Collada (1.4.0)

    After loading model and attaching it to scenegraph, models rendered fine with one exception - it rendered without textures at all.

  • i checked with squelchErrors, that loader can find files - no problems here.
  • scene graph contain LJWGLTextureState nodes with valid Texture
  • all SharedMesh / Batch have LJWGLTextureState in it's renderStates/states lists

    And only one strange thing - all LJWGLTextureState/Texture that came from ColladaImporter have ID=0

    any suggestions ?

id = 0 is the id it has before it is sent to the card for loading, so that's not the problem.  Perhaps the models have no uvs?

Maya model have UVs

and TriangleBatch.texBuf not null and not a zero sized

can you post your data so some troubleshooting may be done?

Problem not in the model, because i switched to ASE with another model and problem still the same.

Can it be, that i didn't call some magic background loading function ? I'm using BaseGame.

Oh, i found source of the problem.

I'm using BasicPassManager and RenderPass-es for terrain.

If i remove pManager.renderPasses( display.getRenderer() ); from render(), then model rendered with textures, but terrain became untextured.

How i can use multipass object in the same scene with normal one ?