Problems With TextureState

Hi people,

i'm new here, starting now to work with java and jmonkey.

I'm having a little problem here with my texture states.

I created a class called Chao that extends Box, that's only a large box that already has collor and bounding things made. I want to put a picture on that "box" but here says that the method setTexture is undefined for the type Chao.

But it extends box, and it is defined to box.

And another thing, I tried to put the texture states on the Chao class but it didn't work, it said that it cant be resolved.

thanks for the help


ps: Sorry my english, I'm Brazilian

setTexure is not a method of Box, it's a method of TextureState.

Try the tutorials:

This one especially:

Thanks for the hint!!!

Hey Guys

I have another stupid question to do to you.

While looking the tutorials I went into the HelloModelLoading page.

My stupid question is, yes i can convert from .obj to .jme files, but How can I create a .obj file?

In the example maggie is already made, now i want to make my own 3D object, a car!

Sorry for asking so stupid questions but i'm a total noob in jme, and i'm willing to learn a lot here!

you will have to use a 3d modelling tool if you want to create your own models, or search the net for freely available models if you don't want to make models yourself.

if this is the first time you try to model something, i'd reccomend wings3d because it's very intuitive and easy to use/learn and it's free. note that wings3d doesn't do animations (nor does the .obj format support them). for making animated models, you will have to either use another program or take the models to  that other program and animate them.

there’s milkshape (cheap $25) for skeletal;

blender3d (free) there is a xml export script and an md5 loader see the usercode forum