Problems with web start (.jnlp)

Hi everybody!) (Hi, Doctor Nick:))

Guys, i have strange problem while trying to start app through jnlp. I signed everything, packed everything, but when app downloads and then starts i have exception java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: invaders/InvadersApp.Start… So, do i need to write package name (“invaders/”)? What means “.Start” in jnlp? It is a name of a function? How i can write jnlp correct for my case (package invaders, class with static main() - InvadersApp, it extends SimpleApplication)? Thanks in advance…

[xml]<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8”?>

<jnlp spec=“1.0+”






<homepage href=“”/>

<description>Old and cool Space Invaders</description>

<description kind=“short”>Space Invaders</description>







<jar href=“Invaders.jar”/>

<jar href=“lib/jinput.jar”/>

<jar href=“lib/jME3-jogl-natives.jar”/>

<jar href=“lib/jME3-lwjgl-natives.jar”/>

<jar href=“lib/jMonkeyEngine3.jar”/>

<jar href=“lib/j-ogg-oggd.jar”/>

<jar href=“lib/j-ogg-vorbisd.jar”/>

<jar href=“lib/jogl.jar”/>

<jar href=“lib/lwjgl.jar”/>

<jar href=“lib/vecmath.jar”/>


<application-desc main-class=“invaders/InvadersApp.Start”/>



guys, heed help!

I figured out - i needto write package like this “invaders.InvadersApp”…

Now i have another problem - everything starts well. but it cannot locate resources…

But this is another kind of problem…)