Proce55ing works on jME!

Hi all,

I' working on a framework based on jME, which can run & visualize Proce55ing-Application on 3D-models.

Please watch movies, how it works.

As the pictures and movies shows,

you can project your Proce55ing Application on 3D-Worlds!

Currently, we're supporting WindowsXP and Mac OSX(Intel, PPC).

I'm using jME2.0, and I extend Renderer, Spatial, and etc. for developing this framework.

We would provide more sample movies on fine day.

Hope you have some interest :slight_smile:

wow, thats sweet!  Are you gonna making it to teach/help newbies learn jME??  that would be pretty awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment!

Yap, I'm gonna help newbies with my development knowledge 8)

nice, but what I REALLY mean is since proce55ing was created to give people just learning Java some 'instant' gratification as well as teaching them the basics of programming; I figured it would extend nicely to have it show the newbies some basics on jME (ie. game code manipulation on the fly…)

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blue_veek said:

When we see it with the 55's it annoys us and we want to punch people in the face. Or punch ourselves in the face for using it in the first place.