Procedural 3d mesh generation

ok here’s my task,

I want to have a 3d array (x,y,z) which contains either 1 for solid, 0 for empty, and then skin/generate a 3d mesh based on this, so for example I could have a sphere, blobs or 3d noise filling the array with 1’s and 0’s.

I know how to create a grid from a vertex list and displace using a heightfield map, but obviously a 3d object is a little more complicated.

I’ve been looking on the net for resources, but not even sure what terminology/concepts I should be searching for.

Ayy pointers to resources/guides welcome, or even better if someone has already done this with code examples :slight_smile:


ok i’ve so far learned that it’s ‘point cloud’ data I need to understand, and how to convert to a 3d mesh…

back to google…

ok found this

hopefully i’m on the right track…

Actually wha do you have a 3d array at first? If you have no choice, then fine, but else it is probably the worst way to save a 3d model.

The link is the right way, if your model is convex.

what is a convex model?