Procedural planet geometry


this is an old work of me.

tried to port it to jME 1.0 lately but failed.

other procedural geometry stuff and source code coming soon …

Link (images and download):


Thanks for showing… and sharing in the future? :slight_smile:

This is very interesting for me as I am developing a space-strategy game myself and will have to implement something like this down the road… So all teh best with developing it :smiley:

Hrmm, this is similar to what beamanbr did with cosmo’s continuous terrain.  Unfortunately, I could never get the seems to line up perfectly in his implementation.  I’d be most interested in seeing the jME 1.0 port to this!

Mindgamer, have you tried implementing this yet or is it on a todo list?

beamanbr’s implementation can be found in the following link:

No not yet… I am still quite some time away from this. Thanks for the link you provided… Looks also promising… although not as nice as the example in this post :slight_smile:

I finally uploaded the sources

These are the sources for jME 0.9:

This was my attempt to port it to jME 1.0 (but failed):

I was inspired by the book “texturing and modeling - a procedural approach” (see or a well sorted library)

But I invented an algorithms not presented in the book as well.

The basic idea was:

(1) Build a segmented sphere that can be used in a large scene graph (for fast culling)

(2) Map a fractal terrain onto the segmented sphere using formulas from the book

For any questions: I would be glad to help and answer questions

(Remark: The OO design of the code is worse than hell - because it was an early work of me)


I just wanted to thank you for posting this… I've been searching these forums high and low for anything on creating dynamic meshes/geometries and here you have provided jME source to show how it is done.

Although I am creating a randomized dungeon, not planets, this is exactly what I need to look at.

Many thanks for sharing!!!  :smiley:


Hey that's pretty neat…heh reminds me of Spore

Is the background static?