Procedural Textures


until now I can load textures using loadTexture method from AssetManager. In future releases of JME 3 I assume that you will implement procedural textures. If so, will they be rendered to an image which is afterwards also loaded with loadTexture method or will there be separated ImageTextures (UVTextures) available?




NeoTexture is already an example for procedural textures. In this case they are “normal” textures that are generated from a description file. Other “procedural” materials might be shaders in which case they are special "Material"s

Actually after a first great feeling of procedual textures I quickly got the feeling that it is not worth it actually

→ For every more complex texture it is faster to downlaod with a 1mbit/s connection than to generate it

So I don’t think it is a good choice for on demand loading, however I will probably integrate it into my autoupdater so that it generates the texture already before starting the game.