Processor Overheating on Sample

(Just as a first mention other games on my system don't do this)

Hi I was checking out the TestPongCool example and I saw it and I liked it and I thought I could use it as a reference for my own game.(I chose it because of the png based heightmap) and I checked my SpeedFan program while it was running and noticed my processor had gotten to about 98C(It went above that, but it starts showing negative temps after that). I was wondering what in that game could possibly be taking up so much processing time, and since I'm kind of copying that game, what I can do to not repeat that mistake???

My specs are 3GB 1300Mhz Ram Q9400 quad(2.65mhz) processor and a GTX 295 video card.

As you can see I should have AMPLE power to run a little demo it does seem that my processor would be the weak link in that setup, any tips would be appreciated thank you.(Plus I'm pretty sure you guys might want that game to not overheat processors anymore, if I figure it out I'll change the TestPongCool program myself and commit)

Thank you very much.

Nice system!  I haven’t used SpeedFan in a good couple of years, but going into the negatives sounds like the TjMax is set incorrectly for that CPU…  I don’t know if that’s user definable by SpeedFan, but CoreTemp or RealTemp or both good tools for a second opinion…

As far as the example goes… I’ve only seen jME eat cycles when i’ve done something foolish in an update method…  Being that this example is an extension of SimplePassGame (which takes care of the updates for you), I’d venture to say that’s not the problem.

As far as finding problems and patching holes, your willingness to pitch in is most appreciated!  To discuss changes and be considered for commit rights, you’ll want to get yourself in here.  Happy trails :smiley:

Hope this doesn't double post but I didn't see my reply come up.

Thanks for the quick reply, I guess my best bet is to just keep an eye on my game for performance issues as they arise. And thanks for the link for commit rights, though I feel I'm a little inexperienced in JME for that now, Though I'm definitely interested in helping the engine out sometime, I feel that it's important to give a little back from these types of communities.

For anything but benchmarking you should enable a 60 fps limit or at least whatever the refresh rate is. You can't rely on V-sync as it can be forced off by the user.

It's rather strange that you experience overheating as I have a rather small laptop and a video card known to overheat a lot and never had any issues with either jME or anything else. Maybe your fan settings are badly configured?

For vertical sync I didn't find this in the forums…but in the source code: display.setVSyncEnabled(settings.isVerticalSync());