Programatically generate NavMesh at runtime

I am wanting to generate a navmesh for a scene which, whilst it’s going to remain static, it isn’t made in the scene composer.
I understand jMonkeyEngine uses CritterAI’s test project NMGen for this. Just wondering, As it doesn’t actually have to be done on the users computer (all pathfinding will take place on the server, and I plan to pre-build the navmeshes), would it be possible to just have a tool which loads the map, uses GeometryBatchFactory to produce 1 single geometry, then use that mesh data in NMGen to build a navmesh, and save that?

Ok so, I have the code set out (pretty much the same as with monkeyzone).
The only problem is, it indefinitely times out regardless of the timeout limit. It’s the same in the SDK too.
Is it something with the settings or is my scene just too complex? All the models are extremely simple…

Got this sorted.

Marked topic as resolved for you.