ProGuard and NoClasDefFoundError

This is not JME’s related problem, but I don’t have any idea what to do and I’m looking for help.

I’m using ProGuard 5.2.1 with graphics gui. I’m processing my program
with it, added all necessary libraries, I keep the main class name. The
processing runs and it generates the output jar.

When I run it I see the program is starting normally, the window is
created, some things shows on it, the video and sound are playing
(intro) and then…
I’m getting NoClasDefFoundError with class com.dungeongame.gameclient.xx.yy

Using the print mapping I found that the missing class is one of my own: com.dungeongame.gameclient.util.Rnd
So I added it into ‘Keep additional names…’ box, processed the jar
again, run it and after the intro I got an NoClassDefFoundError with com.dungeongame.gameclient.util.Rnd

I opened the processed jar file using winrar and I see that the class is present.

I found that it may be something with the option “Use mixed-case
class names”, which is checked. When I uncheck it I got an error on the
very beginning, even before the intro starts, so I guess it is necessary
for me.

Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Try to move your topic to discussion or something since its not jm3 related.
I am also interested on the proguard, but I didnt have time to look deep on it, I guess your problem with NoClassDefFound is related with the -libraryjars content, did you fix it ?