Project Assistance

I have been debating posing the question to the community for a bit, but have finally decided.  I would like to bring in one or two other developers into a game development project I have been working on.  It is a relatively large scale project that I am managing the majority of, but there are aspects that would be great if I had some collaboration with another developer or two on as well as the accountability (so I don't just sit back and do nothing on the project like I have for the past month).

I am developing a massively multiplayer space game and if anyone has the time, desire, and skill to work on this project with me (I guess that's another issue - you'd be working with me) then please drop me a private message on here and we can discuss it further.  I definitely want to keep the development small, but I realize I have to expand beyond just me.  My time is becoming increasingly limited but I have a defined direction, a couple 3D modelers, sound effects, and plenty of music so simply coding and bringing it together is what needs to be done.

I would rather only people that are already pretty comfortable with jME message me. Thanks!

Check out my thread about my space game project, I’d like to see if collaboration is possible.

Even just sharing of sound resources and ideas would be sweet.

Liam, drop me a private message or e-mail with some screenshots or any other tangibles you have thus far and we can talk further.