Project - C.S.R (Control Scheme Revolution)

Hello all. This is Kamran from team Project - C.S.R. In behalf of team Project - C.S.R I am going to give a small brief in what we did in our project. We introduced new gaming mechanism in jme3 using hand gestures and voice command. We made a small MMO-RPG (just a demo version haven’t launched it yet) which is just a small Aerial game and used hand gestures to control the plane model and voice command to fire.

We are a team of three students from BRAC University Bangladesh, Md Risul Karim, Imran Farid and Syed Shaiyan Kamran Waliullah. We are currently doing thesis on this project. Hope you like the project. Here is the link to our project.

Thank you.


Hey that’s really cool! I like how it just needs a webcam for the interaction. Is this going to be open source at all?

Pretty cool!

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Nice work guys :slight_smile:

Nice work! :slight_smile:

Thanks all! We are trying to make a series of episodes to show how Project-C.S.R works and whats its capabilities :slight_smile: . We are really thankful to the jme3 developers for making the framework simple, easy and most important of all “Interesting!” :smiley: . We will try to make it open source in future (most of the codes are bit jumbled up will try to make it clean fast 8) ). Again we thank you all from Project - C.S.R

K Out!

This is the second episode of our project

WTF this is really a big project uh. Great job to you all. It may not be perfect yet, but it seems really good.

Considering you have normal input devices, it’s freaking awsome actually.

thanks @shirkit , yeah we are working to improve the game graphics and the game play.