Project feasibility


  I guess I have posted my query before also, but no one has replied to it yet. I'll rephrase my problem and post it again.

I am trying to build a Java application that allows the user to manipulate every body part of a character that is imported

from either blender or milkshape, i.e. the user defines the exact coordinates of every body part of the character for a single frame.

After doing the same for many frames, the user should be able to thread these frames together to produce an animation.

    To start with, I had a look at the TestMilkToJmeWrite in the samples provided. I came across the character run.ms3d. With this character as a reference, could you all please help me to know if the project is feasible under JME framework, or should I switch over to some other Graphics API. And if it is feasible, could you please guide me as to how can I control each body part of run.ms3d character just like the way nodes are controlled in example.

Waiting eagerly for responses from you all

Thank you.

So to summarize you want to make a 3D editor for animating character models, and you have no idea how to do it. To answer your last question, yes, it is possible to do in jME (see MonkeyWorld3D for a proof of concept). But in this case I don't think using a different engine would help, currently I believe you lack the knowledge to create such a tool, I suggest you do some research on 3D programming and make sure to read the jME wiki ( before proceeding in making the tool.

Ok great !! I have started with the tutorials and the user's guide in the wiki. If you feel any I should go through some other resources before I start building, please do let me know. Also , if you come across any similar tool built, in which a character is controlled with a Swing interface, please do let me know.

Thank you, I will get back to you for more assistance after going through the wiki.