[Project] Rift In the Prophecy, tactical MMORPG

Rift In the Prophecy, tactical MmoRpg

Thanks everyone for your time :smiley:

Hello everyone, my name is Simon Bédard, and this is R.I.P, an tactical MMORPG set in a Fantastic/futuristic universe and running on JME.

0.0 Demo :   
1.0 Configuration and tools :
2.0 Story : 	
3.0 Game play :	
4.0 Art Style :	
5.0 The plan :
6.0 The team :
6.1 How jump in :
7.0 Some extra :

0.0 Demo

1.0 Configuration and tools:

Engine       :  -JME3
Versioning   :  -BitBucket, -SourceTree
IDE          :  -Eclipse Luna 
Database     :  -ObjectDB
Networking   :  -TCP -UDP -Kryo
3D tools     :  -Open
Data Sharing :  -Google Drive.  
Management   :  -Agile, -Trello

2.0 Story:

Rip is about a colonial mission that started in 2025, 5 years after a huge rift appears out of nowhere in the solar system, not so far from earth. This rift gave acess to a faraway part of the universe, leading directly to a colonizable planet called new Eden. The colonization project had been doing great for 25 years, until the rift close itself for no apparent reason, leaving the planet isolated from earth.

The environment also became hostile: monster from all shapes and size start appearing everywhere, and attacked the inhabitant of this new home. Without a solid government organization nor any solid defense plan, the population was taken by panic, and chaos ensue as a civil war start raging for the control over the planet.

You are playing 2 years after those events, in a golden age for mercenaries and private defense corporation. You are a human born on this planet. As every other kid born here, you presents some unusual power and magic ability.

At the beginning of the adventure, you are a conscript into the newly formed local militia, but after a mission that kill everyone on the team but you, you are consider as dead and on your own, deciding to work as a mercenary. You must try to survive and defend the colony, while also try to understand what the hell is going on, as the answers about the rift seem to be hidden on the planet.

3.0 Game play:

As stated earlier, RIP in a Tactical MMORPG that plays somewhat like Dofus, Wakfu or XCom. This means you can move around in the open world pretty freely, but when you get into combat mode, the game turn into a turn base strategy game. You can control up to 4 characters in one team, 2 main and 2 mercenary.

You will have 3 main stats (other than Life point and elementals stats): AP (action point), MP (movement point) and EP (energy point).

AP refurnishing at full capacity between each turn, but MP and EP will only slowly replenish themselves, depending on your stats and items. The combats will either be fast and violent, or slow and exhausting, meaning you will have to balance pure power and endurance between the different dungeons and PVP combats.

We also want to have a solid feeling of aggression, like if the planet was trying to kill you. This is why, we also want to add things like colony attack, where the players would have lan hour to group and defend a position. If they fail, that colony and its resources would be destroyed and if they succeed, they would win some money and items.

4.0 Art Style:

The universe is somewhere between Fallout and Skyrim: a desolated world whit some oasis of civilization, with magcal ruins and strange people on the road. We had in mind something a bit cartoony, to contrast the dark thematic of the game, as we don’t want a grim world, but to tell a beautiful story in a sad reality.

So a bullet in the head should always be an option, but so should be good sword in the heart, or a powerful burning spell, and we want to offer those option to the player as much as possible, and make them look good and funny if possible.

Here is some concept art of the game :

5.0 The plan

So far, this project have been an amateur project, meaning no stress, no definitive agendas and no money. We take your time, and make sure each piece hit some high quality standards. It takes time, but pretty much anyone can do it: You only need passion and effort :stuck_out_tongue:

We have been mostly students that want to prefect their art, build a Cv and learn, but any hobbits is welcome.

Ultimately the goal is to do solid demo and a Kickstarter, get the funds required and start paying people who want to make this a full time job. This is not a promise, this is an objective, and even though we all work really hard to see it happen, the Kickstarter could fail. In that case, the project would go open source, and we will withdraw any of your contribution if you want to keep them for yourself, as no matter what, it would still be rightfully yours.

So best case scenario the game hit Kick-starter and become something huge. It could then become a job or stay a hobby as you wish.

And worst case scenarios the project fails after a couple of years, goes open source so you can still work on it if you wish. Everyone has learnt tone of stuff, had fun and keeps the assets and bits of code they did if they want to. Plus, this kind of project is always good looking at a CV. Pretty much got my job cause of this.

6.0 The team:

Recruting right now : Java programmers, Rigger/animator, painter.

    **Name**                          **Formation**                   **Language spoke**
 Simon Bédard        |||   Project manager, programmer           |||   Francais/English
 Romain Aubry        |||   Game designer                         |||   Francais/English
 Cédric Roméo        |||   Game designer                         |||   Francais/English
 John Will           |||   Sound Artist                          |||   Francais/English
 Francisca Lampron   |||   2D Artist/Interfaces                  |||   Francais/English
 Carl Tétreault      |||   2D Artist/concept                     |||   Francais/English

 José David          |||   3D Artist                             |||   English

Has done work but not active anymore

 Clément Goût        |||   2D Artist                             |||   Francais

6.1 How jump in:

If you want to take part on the project, you need a solid motivation and some basic to advance knowledge in your field. Usually a university level is enough, but I always prefer to see some past work.

As this is a part-time project, I consider that 3 hours a week is a healthy minimum, both for you and the project. But due to some problems we had in the past, I now require a first draft of your first assignment to be done with-in the first month. From what I have seen, someone unable to do that usually just lack the maturity/motivation/skills for this sort of project.

So if you want to jump in, contact me on this forum whit a personal message or on my Email address JavaKhanStudio@Gmail.com. Give some of your background, what interest you on the project, and we will set up a Skype conversation to settle everything up.

7.0 Some extra

Here one of the music track for the game, produced by Will and the back group by Clement :

You can find every track here :
Rift In the Prophecy : Track 00 - Intro - YouTube

Some Texture fun!


Gifs and stuff


I have already seen one of your models (the blue tall guy) elsewhere, is it yours, are you its copyright holder or are you allowed to use it? It’s an ambitious project, good luck.

That’s Oto, it’s distributed in the engine, and free to use. I guess it’s a place holder model though.

Yes, dear Oto The Cleaner, nice guy. I have used some of his models too, I dropped him an email to thank him several years ago. Thank you for the reminder.

Edit.: License: “I Don’t Care License” :slight_smile:

Thanks :p, so far so good I must say, there is a lot of work, but I love it so no problems.

And yeah, that is oto in all its glory with a new paint job xD Its hard to find good assets to test, I should probably send a thank you to the creator.

@SimonBedard I confirm it’s particularly difficult to find good animated models. I use Yobi3D to look for 3D models and I use opengameart too.

Here is the new main menu for the game! The sound was compose someone in the team, John Lucas Williamson (http://johnlucaswilliamson.wix.com/mrwilliamson) and the background was built by me (and we will for sure change it, cause id be sued as hell if it was to be released that way… google ftw)

So by the way, if someone would be interest to work with us on the 2D part, it would be pretty cool to get this background animated.

We are also still looking for 3D artist and programmers :smiley:


Here is a new music! Yet again compose by John. We also have a new demo, but in french this time. We may or may not make a english version, or a silent one, il decide later xD

Hope you enjoy :smiley:
The music :

The Demo (in french):


Looks great! Especially the UI, did you use Nifty or another library?

Thanks :smiley: But nop, am using tonegod, here is the link :

I must admit, I had some problems with it that forces me to go directly in the source code from time to time, but its usually very simple and get the job done pretty well.

Well hello there! We are creating a tactical MMORPG as well. (Our Thread here)

We also enjoyed some aspects of Wakfu and your UI layout looks inspired by it too.
Really exciting to see another tactical MMORPG being developed with jME.

Do you have a devblog or will you update this thread with your progress?
Would love to follow this.

Looking (and sounding, nice music!) really good so far! Keep it up :smile:

Well, thanks you :smiley: For the moment we simply do what I like to call a release like once a month, and from that we do a little YouTube video showing the update and new assets (for the moment only in french)

Whit the team informed on the spot using Skype and having no clients nor any obligation, it’s more simple to make a little scrapbook of videos for memory’s sake and forget the paperwork. More time too code and as the only programmer on the team this is a welcome thing :smile:

So yeah, it might change, but for the moment i’ll just post any major updates here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello everyone! This is the presentation video that follows the end of the
first sprint we had for RIP, with the objective of building the connection
interface. The logs are also bellow.


  • Main screen have been improved and is now part of the normal connecting path

  • The game now accepts animation whit the help of JavaFx. Format mp4 and
    surface 2D or 3D

  • Adding of the Server Select and the team select screen, both linked whit the

  • The client/server model have been improved and now check in the database to
    compose the player team.

  • Adding of 2 models in-game, but they are not owned by us.

  • The mercenary mechanic documentation is pretty much finished, yet there is
    still work that must be done on the integration part.

  • Adding new sound effect for both combat and the connection screen

  • Combat UI have been improved

  • Installation of the dev environment

  • Beginning of a lot of back-office work and some other minor details.

Hope you enjoy :smiley:

Bonus :
After some rework on the front i decide to also put this here. Enjoy x)


Hello everyone! Just to announce that the next sprint will be starting this Sunday and should end one month later whit possibility of a prolongation (and am pretty sure we are gona need it x)

This time we will be working on the combat section and we should be able to add stuff like obstacles, the capacity for a player to join a combat during the placement phase, more information on the combat interface like whose turn is it and more and more :stuck_out_tongue:
Also we have some concept art comming in soon, il probably post them here when they are finish.

Finaly after some administrative work, I have made a few change on the presentation. The biggest one is on the team section and the recrutement section. We are still recruting people but now whit a little more experience that we use to. There is a lot of work to be done, so if you fell like this challange is for you just join us, belive me you won’t regret it.

That and if anyone have a cloning machine, i could realy use one :grin:

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Hello everyone! This has been a year and a few days since I started this thread and I believe this call for celebration :stuck_out_tongue: Plus, we have hit 1k view, which mean nothing but still make me smile x) Am a gamer, I love numbers :blush:

Anyway, here the latest concept art for the game! They have been realise by Carl Tétrault, your concept artists on the team! And here is a link to is tumblr: http://zombiscuit.tumblr.com/

Hope you enjoy, we are midway into the second sprints and things look very good. Still, we will probably use the prolongation so expect something like 3 weeks before the publication. I will try to make a little video showing the map editor between that if i can!

Have a nice day everyone! See you soon x)


Very interested in seeing your mapeditor :smiley:
I hope its better than our old mapeditor thats still in use atm :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, we will overhaul it as soon as we need to use the mapeditor again XD

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: We have been using the coupling of a object orientated database and the usual idear of a squared map, allowing pretty crasy stuff like obstacle layout and adaptation on a preexisting 3D scene.

Its far from perfect nor finish tho, but time is short and work is not :smile: . If you want I can pass you some of the code we have here when you’ll go on the overhaul, but I warn ya, its in french/glish x)

So you create your base mesh in blender/jmonkey?
Our approach was to build it via voxels. The reason we chose this approach was to have modifiable terrain later for later skills/special battles.

Thanks for the offer, but the coding part won’t be a problem.
Also we are running a custom Entity System and a custom map data structure, so the source will differ greatly.
Our Overhaul is basically for visuals and usability:

  • switch from swing to nifty
  • lighting, for example is currently not shared between client & mapeditor
  • Usability. The Mapeditor’s UI is terrible :smiley:
  • Of course cleaning up old code. The usual :smile:
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Nan, technically every piece of the map is an object, whit a visual part, a concept part and a pos. The visual part is but a box, on which we can change the material if we want to display different state. Those state are decide in the concept part, like if the case can or can’t be pass through, if someone is inside of it and if so, what team he is in, if its actually a hole ect.

The whole thing is then package into the database (well whiout the visual part and detail like occupy or not) and is then use on both the server and the client as the reference for the map. Am not sure about the scalability at a huge size, but for the moment we can build maps 100x100 whit-out problems.

it look something like this in base :

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