[Project] RTS game engine : OpenRTS is released


Absolutly, it is really open source and free to use for a commercial project. The only requirement is to give credit :smile:


Add me on Skype: Wietlol or HAchterberg (either of the two… icon is a green lion).
Much easier talking and sharing ideas.


Are you using Zay-ES? If not, how come?

Simply curious. I’m not Paul’s bulldog-for-hire (although that’d be a cool gig).


Yes I’m using Zay-ES and enjoying it every day ^^

OpenRTS will defintly use Zay-ES and a homemade entity editor inspired by Unity

Spoiler !


“real time strategy game engine” on Google shows OpenRTS repository in third position ^^


Any news on this project?


I’m not working on OpenRTS and Alchemist at the moment. @wuendsch was working on the portage of OpenRTS to ZayES, via Alchemist but it seems to be stopped too for now.

Both projects are open sourced, with little documentation and wiki.


Hi guys !

I’ve opened a Twitter account, for those interested to follow my other projects.


Is OpenRTS still being developed? Is it an active project?

From what I can find the latest updates came in 2017 or 2018. Is that right?