Project: The Dark

Hey Guys,

Here’s I game I was working on a few months ago but never really turned into anything. I was really trying to take a break from Android games. I recently took another look and added a main menu with some control instructions.

Not really what I wanted it to be but it is what it is. I figured I’d share it as it’s good to see projects from time to time and this one is hopefully will be open source so people can take a look at it for an example.

Unfortunately it looks like it ends here as I’m out of funds to work on it and I figured I may as well present it before letting it fade into another past project on my github.

Thanks for Reading,


Cool, another horror game! I’ll check it out. :slight_smile: Good job!

It there a way to not get killed by the thing? Is the answer to go through that door? I was pressing space, but, I couldn’t get the door open and/or walk through it. I certainly didn’t get as far as those screenshots - the gun and the journal - and I couldn’t pick up the torch from the desk. I like the atmosphere though. Even though it’s just text messages, it’s still quite scary imagining this thing that’s coming along to get you.

Yes by extinguishing the torch. Also to get outside I believe you may need the matches.

Your comment brings up some past experiences I had though… Something about the torch not working in the game…

I forgot what I did to fix it as I wrote most of the game months ago.

Thanks for the post I’ll be sure to remember what it was in just a minute.

If I remember right there is nothing that happens when you come close to the door or torch which is supposed to prompt you.

I’ve just run the game on my end from my dropbox and it ran it and I just can’t seem to remember the issue.

The scripts should be compiled into the assets.jar which I’ve had trouble with before.

Yeah, straight after I posted my message, I had another go, and managed to pick up the torch, open the door, and go outside. Just had another go, and, yes, extinguishing the torch makes the thing go away. Got as far as getting the gun and reading the journal this time. Cool game! :smile:

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