Project Valhalla (My Introduction And Project Thread)


Before I get into some details about my project, let me introduce myself.

I go by Yuri. Back in school I did pretty good in IT and programming classes, but have been out of practice for around 5 years now, so as you can guess my java knowledge is pretty limited.

I have wanted to make a game since I was in school, my dreams started out wanting to make just a simple RPG, but later grew into wanting to design a MMORPG, and recently I have decided I should finally give this dream a proper go.

So about 3 days ago while researching different programming languages, I decided I would learn and use Java for my game. Not long after that I Stumbled onto JME, and after another 10 minutes researching JME, I had my engine.

The next 3 days I spent on theTutorials for Beginners page with JME open, actively typing in code.
These tutorials have really helped my understanding of both JME and Java, and I am very thankful for their existence.
But as you can guess, my understanding of Java is still very limited, so i would really appreciate links to other good tutorials and sources.

I also understand that there will be many of people out there doubting I will be able to create a MMORPG by myself, and hey I’m not going to disagree with you, I have read these types of opinions thousands of times before, and i know how challenging this kind of thing is, but I am going to give it a go anyway.

It’s not like I am expecting to just wave my arms around and POOF I have a MMORPG.
Instead I am going to start out small, work on my code, add basic player movement, add a Gui, and other base functions, and slowly expand on these.
As my game grows and I am satisfied with it, I will eventually release it as a MORPG, and keep expanding on it so one day it may turn into a MMORPG. (My main Goal is to make an online multiplayer game that I can be happy to call my own :stuck_out_tongue: so I’m really not going to be that disappointed if it doesn’t become a MMORPG)


Anyway, that should be a good enough introduction, so now onto the actual project.

It’s CodeName is PROJECT VALHALLA (won’t be called this when released, it’s just a placeholder)

Like your standard MMO It will contain Quests, skills, pvp, and many other fun things to do.

Unlike the normal MMO there will be no classes or profession limit.

So far I have planned for 33 Skills (not all of these will be released right away)(also some may be merged or removed while I’m designing)
This consists of 8 combat skills, 5 gathering skills, 12 crafting skills, and 7 general skills.

I have Planned for 11 stats, which will determine how the player will do in battle.
each of these 11 stats will be increased or lowered depending on the players equipment, buffs, and combat skill levels.

In combat players will be able to use abilities depending on the type of weapon they are using, this means that players can essentially go from being a ranger, to a spell caster, or fighter, just by changing your weapon. (wearing armour that compliments your new fighting style is recommended)(you will be able to change both weapons and armour while in combat.)

(I have also planned out the battle system quite a bit, but it’s and finished, and a secret :stuck_out_tongue: so lets end it here for now)
Well that’s all from me for now, feel free to leave your feedback/ supportive advice/ tutorials you think may help me.
I will be posting updates here when I have learnt enough to start my project, and have something to show. ^.^

EDIT: 27/10/2014

I Just wanted to make it clear that this project is still active, but has been delayed.

Also it will no longer be created using the Jmonkeyengine or JAVA. I have decided this a couple of months ago while planning out the game, and decided to go another way and started to learn C++ while also enrolling in a game development diploma course. (because of this, this post may be deleted sometime in the future.)

If you still want to stay updated with the progress of Project Valhalla you can stay up to date at
but please be aware that it is still a long way off, and I may focus on a couple of single and multiplayer games before Development of project Valhalla is started (unless there is enough interest and the funds are raised successfully).


Just wanted to say:

Yep… an MMORPG is huge undertaking. Don’t let other people discourage you! It CAN be done by a single person… you can find example on the internet. It’s a long and grueling journey, but all it really takes is a desire and the motivation to follow through with your plan (learning, implementing and otherwise). It’s rare that anyone starts this type of project with 100% of the knowledge they need to complete it… but that’s part of the fun.

I’m excited to see how this progresses! And a big good luck on the project!

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I have a lot of spare time, so plan to spend most of it learning java, and adding to my code.

Today I have been stuck trying to set up general MMO movement.

will probably figure it out eventually :stuck_out_tongue:
but i pretty much got stuck trying to get the camera right.

Will Probably keep trying to solve this when i wake up, but I would be really thankful if someone could point me in the right direction.

I’m pretty much doing the standard movement controls.
W = Forward
S = Back
A = Rotate Camera Left
D = Rotate Camera Right

Q = Strafe Left
E = Strafe Right
LEFT_CLICK + A = Strafe Left
RIGHT_CLICK + A = Strafe Left
LEFT_CLICK + D = Strafe Left
RIGHT_CLICK + D = Strafe Right
MOUSE_WHEEL = Zoom in and out.

Hello, nice project, I am happy to see that I am not alone :slight_smile:

For the camera I think the chase camera class can do the hard job for you :slight_smile:

If I can give you an advice: do not plan too much skills or features at the beginning, try to keep in mind essential stuff:

  • Moving a player
  • Manager NPC with text file
  • Attacked NPC & NPC simple repost.
  • Inventory & drop
  • First passive NPC which can sell you items
  • Equipment

So do not plan too much, but keep in mind you will add more, so prepare your code and your text file to be able to have more easily. (I do not know if you will understand this, sorry I am bad in english).
As I said on my thread, you are welcome if you want help or more advice :slight_smile:
Send me a PM or ask me on your thread :slight_smile:

One last thing: do not forget to test your network at the beginning, by launching two clients, in order to be sure that you have understand the network programming well and that you are on the good way :slight_smile: