Project Zero: skill and abilities wishes!

This kind of reminds me of a few skills in Ragnarok Online - might want to browse the kind of things they have.

After a quick search, here’s a planner that shows the jobs and their skills.

I know Ragnarok, but Project Zero needs an other kind of abilities. The player can only possess three abilities, therefore they need to be useful. It would be good, if one skill can be use for different purposes.

For example, a stone skin can protect you from damage, but if you use it on an enemy, while he is in in the water…

So the skills shall be flexible and making fun! It's shall not be important, if one skill is stronger or weaker, what shall matter is, how you use the skill.

i suggest making an asap (as-small-as-possible ;)) prototype to test if these ideas make sense - it heavily depends on the gameplay. you have to get a feeling for which skill/aura/ability is how strong and how much mana it should consume before you can exactly define how much more damage skill X should cause.

So is this going to be the thread for the jme project game?  Is this what people decided on?

No, it's not the thread for the "jme project game".

This thread is for the game "Project Zero", which is not the "jme project game" <-- Hope we get fast a name^^

And people don't decide, they wish!

If it sounds good and is possible, I will try to realise the skill, but I can't promise!