Project zero v1.0


(FengGUI, jME2, jMEPhysics2, JGN)

Project Zero will be a demo, which will use FengGUI, jME2, jMEPhysics2 and later JGN.

Version 0.1 will include:

-GUI Interface

-HUD Interface

-Key & Mouse Input

-Physic Box

-FPS Elements

-new Weapon (Glock 17)

Release date v0.1 will be 30.9.2008

Every v0.x some new functions will be added.

To give a short demo discription:

Project Zero will be a FPS with other elements.

The world shall be a strange place, where everything seems somehow wrong.

Two factions will fight each other for domination(players no A.I, maybe later).

Weapons are firearms, little secrets ^^ , the physic and the world itself.

One difference to normal FPS will be the concept, that one person cannot defeat an enemy alone (really difficult, if the other player is carefull). Therefore you need one team mate on your side or more.

Next version I will tell more…

One slow step after another^^

First screenshots tomorrow!

Cool, looks interesting, I am waiting  for sreenshots  :wink:


It’s an screenshot of the menu(have a little problem FengGUI). Maybe I can fix it until afternoon.

Good NEWs!!

FengGUI is now perfect working for Project Zero!

Scaling is now possible as you can see!

Maybe tomorrow I can show one game charakter

is it playable?

Not now, at the moment I am working at the basics.

Maybe v0.5 will be playable(at the moment v0.1)

Can't tell how fast I am, because I'm working alone(at the moment I do programming and modelling together).

But I will write any news inside this topic

3d background looks very good, but menu have a different style and is not very readable (in my opinion)

Don’t worry, the menu get some little changes, so you can read it (screenshot don’t show everything^^)

I promised today a player model, but I haven’t finished it (clothes looks not so good and I want to show it finished), therefore I show you the Glock 17 Model. Hope nobody cries^^