Projected grid water

finally got around to implement the projected grid water effect from this thesis:

no fancy objects to show nice reflections, but you can see the water flowing…really needs to be seen live though…

wire of the grid viewed from the side:

Extremely cool!  :-o

I also really like your sky.  You should put together a little webstartable demo of all these cool features you keep making. :)  Maybe where you can pick up a beach ball and throw it in the water. :wink:


it looks very impressive… congratulations

very very impressive!  :-o

I can do nothing but echo what the others have said; Very, very impressive!!  :smiley:

And as darkfrog said, a webstart demo would defintely be appreachiated! The dev's might also like a demonstration to show at GDC - if they're going that is.

freakin awsome!!!  Everytime you post it's something better and better.  Whats next gonna find a new state of matter?

is your reflection, refraction code a little off? Some stuff looks alittle off.  Maybe it's just because the huge waves. 

It is amazing.

thanks all!

the effect is not complete yet, hence the small distortions here and there(making the gridprojection more even)…and the refraction is disabled for testing purposes…it's only reflections…refraction will add lots more realism but it comes at such high price…specially when having to render a huge heightmap one more time, as in our demo…

Very impressive. Best water effect i've seen so far.

i'm sure there are things you can do to optimise it.  View frustium culling with early Z seems to do the trick.  Mix that with LOD and you got your self one fast extremly nice water render.

well that is sort of the point with this technique…it projects the grid from the viewfrustum, so nothing is outside the frustum…and the LOD is automatic, as you can see from the wire shot, that's the other big gain with this technique…

Very impressive MrCode.

Yes, looks like the projection part is working well. I also don't think early-z will help much, because usually all of the water is visible. Unless you have very high waves.

It already looks very good though.

Wow, that looks more like the sea than the sea does

kidneybean said:

Wow, that looks more like the sea than the sea does

Quite the illogical statement.  :-o

well, we have had a lot of weather lately

hehe  :stuck_out_tongue:

next thing i would like to try(aside from enabling the refraction bit again) is to add white foam and all that shit that usually turns up on rough peaks of waves, and close to land…and a better wave approximation than multiple octaves of perlin noise…

oh, my perlin noise method eats lots of performance, so if anyone has an ultra fast one that trades accuracy for speed, please let me know…

added some foam…next step is bringing back the refraction stuff to see stuff below water + foam close to land…

Absolutely incredible! This is imho the most believable realtime-generated water I've seen so far. I assume the foam is an alpha-mapped overlay? How do you calculate the uv's for it? Will you eventually release the sources?