Projective texture mapping works incorrectly with hardware skinning

Hey guys.

I have next issue: I am experimenting with projective-texture-mapping library. And it works ok. Until I am trying to apply projection to animated character. With software skinned character this works ok, but with HW skinning it applies only on default pose. I tried to play with shaders but failed. I will be grateful if someone knows how to solve it. Link to vertex shader: projective-texture-mapping/ProjectiveTextureMapping.vert at master · jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/projective-texture-mapping · GitHub .
And yes, I know about texture painting, etc. But I want try to find solution with this library if it is possible.

With hardware skinning:

Without hardware skinning:


The projective texture mapping as written was based on CPU calculations. These are incompatible with GPU skinning.

A totally different approach would have to be taken… essentially you are starting over from scratch.

I think most of us off the top of our heads can’t even think how we’d do it.

Given the effect you are going for, I wonder if simply having a material with a second texture (and potentially second set of texture coordinates) will be better. After all it doesn’t seem like you are really doing projective texturing.

Okay. Now I now that it is not possible

Yes, I will do this way. I just have seen in some games blood decals on the characters and tried to imitate it.
Thanks for reply.