Promoting jme3 on Youtube and other sites

I remembered of this topic and i started writing some code.

This is what i made so far
Note: it takes a bit for loading

By default it shows the current month, a month offset can be setted by adding #NUMBER to the url
ex. = november screenshots

Now month/year must be specified in that way

Obviously all the visual part is missing.
I wrote only the core structure and the ImageParser, so for now it can show only pictures.


Nice, seems to work fine from my end (also performance wise)

Yep really great. (even on a mobile)
If you could now simply add a link to the matching Post it’s nearly all we need. :smile:

So cool!

The frontend might become a bit hard to maintain in the long run though. Another option would be to use the Imgur API and push all the images of a Monthly topic into a Imgur gallery at the end of every month. Then you don’t need to worry about browser compatibility etc., and we’d have a simple link to share on Twitter & Facebook at the end of every month.


Question: are the pictures currently saved as copies on a jmonkey-maintained server?
If not, then this idea of erlend_sh might also protect the pictures from becoming a broken link in the future (unless imgur goes off for good)…

No, they are not. We could be doing automatic local storage for all image links posted on the forum, but that’s a bit too resource intensive.

It’s an idea, but someone posts also videos and youtube links and this may be a problem.

Well that’s their own fault. It’s called monthly screenshots for a reason :stuck_out_tongue:

But as a poster it’s easy to work around it as well. People can still submit videos, but they should know that they won’t be featured in the “Monthly Recap” unless they also include a screenshot in their post.

I also want to encourage people to keep video-updates in their own respective project topics, because that allows us to tweet videos with links to their topic, instead of ushering users smack in the middle of a ongoing Monthly Screenshots topic.