Proper particle system

As far as I played with jme3 particle system, I found it pretty limiting. At some point I tried to improve it, but lost interest after some time, because of lack of time (full time job and other life stuff). Well my changes were probably too ambitious - I wanted to change most of particle core classes. I still think that before jme3 goes out of beta, more proper particle system should be implemented, but its not on me to decide anyway. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, in the last days I was searching around and found very interesting program for designing particles. Its targeted for Ogre engine, but I thought that importer for such particles could be implemented in jme3. The program can be found here:, if someone is interested in this stuff. This would also maybe be a good idea for Google Summer of Code?

Cheers. :slight_smile:

@InShadow said:This would also maybe be a good idea for Google Summer of Code?

Sure would. All you need to do is make a proper writeup for it ;) Do some more research and set up some clearly defined goals. You can use @nehon 's Android proposal as rough template.

A project that relies on commercial (and closed, afaict) software won't stand a very good chance though. I'd suggest making the FXpression importer a stretch-goal. The main goal should be improving the native jME3 particle system. I think I've heard speculative talk about it before, so hopefully some other developers can contribute to this discussion.