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what's with all the sad faces?!?!

look at it on the bright side…we are making 3d games, in java?! iiiin jaaaava!!! just wait untill Sun hears about that! they will thank us in about 20-30 years when they finally start to help us on the way…performancewise, startupwise, availabilitywise, gaminglibarywise etc etc…

Who has a sad face?  Where see sad face? :-p

mmenchu, I wasn't trying to be arrogant or double-negative-american, I was just poking fun. :o  I begrudgingly admit Macs have some significant strong-points, particularly with OS X, it's a great stride in the right direction.  However, I still won't ever use them because of the proprietary nature of their systems.

BTW, I used to do far too much with macs before they became useful, so I'm not just a Windows / Linux crack baby. :o


sorry if I was over reactive darkfrog. I'm pretty sure you must have had at least one experience where you spent waaaaay too much time on a single insignificant thing, trying to make it work

(like java.library.path  ;)) while everyone else spoke so relaxed about how they managed to solve the problem in 2 easy steps, yet you following exactly the same 2 steps aren't able to solve it. Pretty discouraging. I guess I got even more frustrated because unlike most users in here (I assume) I'm not able to devote most of my time to programming. I'm still an undergrad going through hell. So after I finish all those stupid assignments I finally get to play around with "my" projects… and jme is something i'm particuarly excited about. so sorry about my over reacting.

Now, get out of here and go an make that game I'm eager to try sometime soon  :slight_smile: he  he.

I'm eager to try it it out too. :-p

No problem, I have problems like that daily, so don't think you're anyone special in the "want to poke your eyes out so you never have to look at another line of code" department. :-p

I understand your plight, I'm a programmer for a living and I have to come home after work and try to muster up the energy to do some game development in my spare time and then try to spend time with my wife and maybe even do some other things every now and again…it can be frustrating, but the rewards far outweigh the costs I think in the long run.

Don't lose hope, there's a bunch of us muddling in the crap right along with ya.  :-o