Properties in Android

Excuse me , I have some question that I doubt.

I want to append my properties file ( like my Application Config file ) which can load and save via my application.

In the Pc version I put that properties in to my Application via modifying bulid.xml file

and access them by specify their path ,something like this


<target name="-post-compile">

<copydir src="./resources" dest="${build.dir}/resources" />


<target name="-post-jar">

<copydir src="./resources" dest="./dist/resources" />




Properties.load( new FileInputStream(/resources/;


However , how can I do that in android ?? Is it the same as PC version that can accomplish by modifying some build.xml somewhere ?

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

In the mobile project you have a mobile-build-impl.xml (or something like that) in the .nbproject folder

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Do not change that file, it will be overwritten. Copy the targets from that file and paste them to the main build.xml

Thanks again normen :slight_smile:

np, note you only need to copy those targets you wish to change