Proposal. custom 3d model for md5 or cal3d finished plugin

Hi again.

As you -perhaps- have seen in this thread :

I do graphics.(for a living, also)

I can do all sorts of things in graphics (2d ,3d  (modelling,  texturing, 3d animation..) (even pencil drawing, indeed, is my strongest point))
My proposal would mean doing a low or mid polygoun count character or model (if static/prop, can be higher)

I can study doing a higher count main player(human or creature), but nothing too heavy in man hours, as I work like 12 hours a day(well, it blocks 12 jobs, argh.) but would depend on the case.

An example would be doing the jME monkey in 3d.
Yet more as I have to give a bit of time to our project now, though is a bit stopped for this issue in my side.(i guess I'll do just what i can, as allways, and the man understands this of the bones format is a priority, for memory size among many things)

But this if someone can help the authors -or the authors themselves- of the cal3d or md5 plugins to end the plugins in like a week as much. My friend and I are quite pressured by time now, so chances for me are, if we don't find another way, go towards md3 if can't use other format, but then, download size together with jre is too huge, and we may have to cut too much animations,loose so main gfx atractive of the game,  or use other engine, in the very worse case, though...As I like this engine and comunity...And he likes java ;)

We need the plugin for , I'm not sure, think jme 0.9, but unsure now if it'd be instead for 0.10..something about the physics and the cvs would decide it...I think he told me.

I don't know if I'll take for sure an offer, as will depend on how much time I'd estimate for the task, among other things...
I offer so doing not a too heavy art work, as I think anyway, an engine can't do seriously for long without a bones and weights format, all engines for which I have collaborated(a bunch), have ended adding one (often once I don't even browse their forums any more...) is a think that will arrive, but I need it like in a week, as we have time very against us. So , in this way, people collaborating here I guess they like the engine project and seing it grow, but at the same time, they would not only be collaborating for it, but also receive a, allow me to say, good custom 3d model in exchange. ;)

besides, if we speak of md5 or cal3d, (specially for this first I have a lot of viewers and tools...which makes all much fail safe, direct, fast...and pipelines/middleware are very important in art -->engine...) Those are plugins, that, correct me if I am wrong, they are already done, or almost. So, perhaps is just some adaptation, final touches in code. Which comes to justify that my work on the 3d model or whatever, wouldn't be way heavy. But, and am pretty sure, much of the likes of the person which receive it. Is not a lack of humility, not only I mean, is that I tend to see a lot of coder art in independent games, so I think could be a fresh change, dunno.