Proto Dash – The android game

Protodash is the pre-alpha release of planet dash.
It's a free android game avalible on android market.
Here I will post updates regarding the game, hopefully some screenshots and videos to make this thread fun to follow.

Download link:

-Tap to set direction of the rocket
-Click blue button to launch
-Double tap during flight to kill yourself
-Hold down during flight to boost
-Click backbutton to get up the menu (not completly done)

I will edit this post later to include more images and info.

I tried this on my Nexus S, running Android 4. The framerate is way too low. Maybe 4-5 per second. Did I miss something?

Maybe you had the old version? 1.1.2 is the latest. If it lags there, then I’m not sure what the problem maybe…

I will ofcourse look into it and try to improve the physic calculations to take less space but I think it’s a problem with the graphics for your phone…

@Addez: If you want us to help you with your performance problems, you will need to enable the StatsView that you currently have disabled.

@Momoko_Fan what device are you using? And are you sure you have the latest version?

because I’v downloaded it myself and the statsview are enabled, everyone should be able to see vert count etc like I can…

10-11 fps on my HTC Desire, nice.

I am using Motorola Xoom. I updated to the latest version and now I am getting around 20 - 25 fps.

Have you updated to the latest stable version of jME3? Some Android performance improvements were made recently.

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I was using the 2012-04-28 and it gave about 20 fps. Now I downloaded 06-19 and it gives me almoste 60 fps!

I am truely stunned by your progress! :smiley: Epic job!

Only thing it messed up was the aim on the rocket, but as soon as I have that fixed I’ll update the game :slight_smile:

Thanks for the headsup Momoko_Fan!

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UPDATE 1.1.4:

-Fixed so that boosting does not change camera view.

-Fixed physics so that velocity is not disturbed by bad or uneven fps.

-Updated to jME3 19/06/2012 which boosted fps 3x (for my galaxy nexus atleast)

Just tested the last version and that’s faaar better. I got around 40 to 50 fps all the time, well done!

Not really sure what you have to do in the game though :p, but i like the way the camera moves to follow the rocket.

I tested on my nexus one

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I get a nice solid 59 to 60fps on my Galaxy S2. I made the rocket do a figure 8 around the sun/planet a few times. Is that what I was supposed to do? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I should’ve mentioned that the goal is to enter the stargate on the other side?

Ohwell, nice to hear that it’s working good on other devices too :slight_smile:

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@Addez said:
Haha :P
Maybe I should've mentioned that the goal is to enter the stargate on the other side?
Ohwell, nice to hear that it's working good on other devices too :)

ohhh ok :D, and the planets/suns attract the rocket !!
I though you had to destroy the planets :p

Maybe some text at the beginning like "get through the portal" with he portal icon could help :p


I think I’ll make a simple tutorial map to start with that explains the gameplay :slight_smile:

Checked again with update on my Nexus S. It is now giving 40fps. Can you make the controls a bit more intuitive. Its really confusing to fix the cannon. Otherwise nice job. :slight_smile:

UPDATE 1.1.5:

-Added randomly added astroids

-Added “clouds” to simulate atmospheres around objects

-Added a warning hint to popup when you closeup to astroids

-Changed map to “solar x2”

I am really pleased with this update. I added an image with billboardcontrol to stars and to astroids.

This simple texture really enhance the game experience, it makes it looks really cool!

Heres a preview:

I was so pleased with this effect and with the warning hint that I updated the game :slight_smile:

Be sure to update and try it out, it’s really awsome!

I have downloaded this app on my Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone; I play Proto Dash game very smooth and lively with good animation.

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