Providing an automatic build/installation ant based script


I am in the process of having an Ant script that will automatically download the head version of jME1 or jME2, perform all compilation steps and get jME installed on the developers disk.

I still have to clean it up a bit, and add some documentation so that others can easily understand it.

Would this be valuable for the community? Where to make it available, would the wiki be the best place?



Sounds like it could be a useful tool.  Definitely post it on the wiki and link to it from here.

I have tried to add the file to the tutorials section, but failed to.

I kept on getting the error that the file extension was invalid, even with other extension attempts.

How shall I proceed?

You can have a look at the file here:



you could just paste it in a wiki page so you don't need to upload a file.

and thanks for that build script, i can use it very good right now.


I have now created the page

and made it accessible from here: (at the end of the page)



i tried it, and i think there is a small error.

checking out jme works, but when it tries to compile, it cant find the build.xml file.

i had to add a /jme behind {jme.dir}, to point to the correct folder

//    <ant dir="${jme.dir}" target="dist-all"/>

    <ant dir="${jme.dir}/jme" target="dist-all"/>

Thanks for the feedback.

I will update the wiki entry. Might be only next week, because currently I don't have access to my dev machine and I want to test the changed script.

Hi again,

the script is finally updated. I did a minor change, and now there is no need to add the extra jme on the path as you did.

I hope that it works now better for new users.