PSA: Facebook indie opportunity

Click it nou! Click it!! Click it!!! Don’t worry you don’t have to sign any agreement for this very step. :slight_smile:

Anyways, this is something I read on PCmag[dot]com feel free to check it out.

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Interesting! seems like a very good opportunity, any idea how much revenue they will be wanting? (Even if its relatively high, would still seem worth it for the connections)

Read the sixth paragraph (“Those who participate…”):

That’s all a know right now.

I applied for the hell of it, don’t see my chances, as they didn’t ask for a lot of info, except the type of game + a list of games/apps you have on the marketplace (of which I have none), see what happens.

On the upside, it did ask for a Company Name, of which I made up, “Blurine Studios”, guess that’s my company name from now on :), whoopie. I also just bought the domain names + registered as a Sole Trader