PSSM Shadow Compatibility (might help someone)

I’ve figured out that PSSM shadows do NOT work on Radeon HD4350. They probably do not work for most, if not all of the Radeon HD4xxx series. However, they function perfectly on the Radeon HD6670. They probably function on most, if not all, of the Radeon HD6xxx series. About Radeon HD5xxx series, I’m not sure.

I’ve got 2 cards with definite results:

Radeon HD 4350 - Works at a few angles. Other than that, it casts shadows of the models as if they were wireframe. Also, lots of ugly gaps in shadows.

Radeon HD 6670 - Works without problem.

I guess just commemt on this your card and how it works. If someone has PSSM problems they can check this thread (or someone higher up can make a documentation of it) to check if their card is compatible or not.

That’s interesting. Very prone to feed my hate toward ATI but interesting…

I have an HD5970 and it works fine

Maybe it’s just their lower end media series cards that can’t handle it. The 4350 is an older, media card.