Ptex released as open source!

While browsing through i found this on their front page:

this is AWESOME!

but, as i understand it, the texture is saved as a Ptex file… does this mean that i apply it to my model inside the 3d program them move it to jme? or can i make it then apply it to a mesh within jme?

this is HUGE! now i can stop fiddling with holes in textures around round objects and can just paint them on!  :smiley:

regardless, i cannot wait to begin playing with it!  :stuck_out_tongue:

Sound interstiong, especuially since its BSD license

I think this is more for pre-rendering, not for live rendering on a graphics card. Also I doubt that you will be able to export from blender and load the textures in jme without jme knowing about this file format… Nevertheless, its great to see big companies release their intellectual property as open source!