Pulldown Selector in Lemur

Is there apossibility to have cpulldown selection in lemur. If yes can maybe someone provide a sample? Or a pointer? Or any other helpful hint?

To be sure we are talking about the same thing, can you show me an example of what you mean?

Like a combo box or like a pop-up menu style selector?

popup stile selector.

I mean, either way there is nothing like this in Lemur at the moment but I’m trying to prioritize what to add. But I guess the stuff I’d need to do a combo box or a pop-up selector are not that different.

Even if you wanted to implement your own, the only tricky bit is modality: ie: making it collapse again if you click outside the popup. Otherwise, it might be pretty simple to roll your own in the mean time.

…but if you could point to an example “This is what I mean” it could help.

Ok I thought of putting a container with buttons init and place the container above a clicked button so that it looks like what I want :slight_smile:

but to give you an example I place here a HTML example

      <option value="volvo">Volvo</option>
      <option value="saab">Saab</option>
      <option value="mercedes">Mercedes</option>
      <option value="audi">Audi</option>

Yep… that will work as long as they click on one of the buttons.

You might have to do some funky mouse listener stuff to have it close again when they click something else… or you can look at how the OptionPanelState does it in Lemur-proto. I plan to generalize that into a ModalInputState or something to make it easier to make these sort of pop-ups.

It is mainly for my level builder and doesnt need to be or look perfect :slight_smile: so to be forced to click something is fine in that case. I just was not sure if I might have over looked it.
And when I overthink it I guess in many g older games you get a new pannel. For example weappn selection, mainly because beside text there und is also a graphical representation which anyway will not fit in such pulldown selector :wink: so it is probably not an important feature.

I’m working on SimEthereal documentation at the moment and then I hope to be able to show some love to Lemur this weekend. We’ll see how it goes but maybe by Monday there is a GUI element for you. :slight_smile:


cool :sunglasses: