Put object at origin in the scene composer

Hi, currently I have this in my scenecomposer:

As you can seen the chair is not at the origin. Can someone tell me how i can put the scene at the origin ? Thx.

If you select the chair object in the SceneExplorer view, you should be able to adjust the local translation (position) in the properties panel on the right.

I did so but that also translates the origin (I’m working in the j3o file).

select the spatial in the SceneExplorer first

I’m workin on the object itself (because I need to add it in the scene by code). Whatever I select (spatial, geometry, mesh)… if I change the local translation the origin also moves.

What do you mean by “origin”?

See the image.

@Ojtwist said: See the image.

It doesn’t tell me what in the image you identify as “origin”. Maybe you mean the red/green/blue widget, then thats not an origin but the location and rotation of the selected object.

Btw, don’t post your web links as images, that doesn’t work.

So the fact this widget is not on the same location as my object has no effect on the location of the object itself ?

From the image I cannot say what object location it indicates. What is you actual issue? Or are you just fighting to make the screen look as you think it should?

You could say that yes. The chairs don’t get positioned as they should. There is always a large offset which seems to me as the same offset as the distance between the widget and the object itself.

So maybe you modeled your mesh in such a way that the mesh is not at the center of the object.